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Beauty and healthWhat Are Nails & Waxing? And Why Should You Care?

What Are Nails & Waxing? And Why Should You Care?

Your feet/hand nails and skin need optimal care and kindness as other body parts. Hands are used by us for the majority of our routine activities and are the first things that are noticed by others especially for women. Similar is the situation with smooth and hair-free skin. Having well-maintained nails and smooth skin provides an extra boost of confidence throughout the day. Regular nail and waxing services at expert professionals like The Refuge Spa keep them healthy and strong to make you self-assured at all places.

Why is nail care important?

  • As we do the majority of daily tasks with our hands, it will have the risk of infection with bacteria. You will clean the vegetables, tear an envelope, ticket, or refill card, and many other things that we do every day will expose the nails to dirt and germs. Nails serve as a protecting barrier for the tip of your fingers, supporting them as you perform your tasks. Therefore, constant nail care from professional services will ensure that they remain strong and healthy throughout your life.
  • A major advantage of having regular nail care service is that it aids in enhancing the health of your nails. Failing to take consistent care of the nails will make them weak and brittle. To avoid such a situation, it is advised to be smart and chose an appropriate nail care service. They will also negate the possibility of risks like fungal infections. It will also aid in eliminating dead skin cells promoting the growth of new ones. All these health factors will keep your nails healthy and strong for many years.
  • Very few people are aware that keeping your nails healthy and getting regular care from professionals will aid in enhancing its blood circulation. As the experienced professionals will massage the nails gently, it will not only be relaxing but make the blood flow more evenly.
  • Nail technicians will perform more tasks than massaging. They will look for more issues like fungus and sores that need much attention. They will keep the nails in the right shape for them to look neat and stop splitting issues. They will keep the cuticles moisturized and aid in naturally improving their condition for longer.
  • Along with all the health benefits, taking care of the nails will make you look more elegant and well-groomed. You may think of just visiting these professional care services only during any special occasion, but visiting them at regular intervals will give you more time and accuracy to keep them beautiful. Some experts will also provide nail art and spa services along with all the healthcare services. You may enhance your beauty by tiring out many types of design as your likings.
  • Consistent visits to your nail experts will let them evaluate your nail’s health and treat any minor problems before they become a huge issue. Neat and well-groomed nails give a direct vision of your health and look.

Why is waxing important?

  • Waxing is the process of effectively removing hair from the root. Women tend to shave off their hairs on hands and legs leading to thickening of stubbles. This will not only lead to recurring shaving needs but also make the legs look dull and awkward. After repeated waxing sessions, you will have the benefit of growing finer hairs that are less noticeable. There are also chances that hairs in some areas might stop growing at all.
  • Laser hair removal is not the best option for everybody. Elements such as high costs, more pain, and skin issues have a major part in deciding these options. Even women who are pregnant or nursing are suggested to stay away from lasers. Waxing will be the ideal option for them.
  • There are many other hair removal creams and gels that lead to more skin annoyance than waxing. There may be some redness after the waxing procedure which gradually fades off within no time.
  • The waxing process is very quick and has no process of toiling by going back and forth with a razor. This makes it an ideal choice for busy individuals. Waxing is a safer method of removing the hairs. Razor blades may lead to cuts and wounds that not only look awkward but may also cause infection. Waxing eliminates the issue of cuts or burns often related to shaving.
  • Shaving will only remove the hair from the surface, keeping the follicle as it is. Waxing will eliminate them from the root. Therefore, you will have a more smooth and attractive appearance which will last for much longer. As you wax for a period, the hair will take much time to grow back gradually fading them off. You may require a waxing procedure in between four to six weeks when compared to the weekly shaving requirement. Hence, this is a preferred treatment for people who hardly find time in between their busy schedule.
  • Along with removing the hair from the roots of the skin, waxing will also aid in eliminating dead skin cells leading to smooth and rejuvenated skin.
  • It will reduce the growth of ingrown hairs as the skin will be pulled taut and wax will be drawn quickly. It will lead to minimal pain and a more optimal process causing less chance of ingrown hairs.
  • Waxing ingredients lead to products that are naturally sourced. This makes it a go-to option for health in comparison to other topical hair removal creams that consist of harsh chemicals that cause skin irritations.


Taking optimal care of nails and waxing will not only enhance your beauty quotient but also provide unmatched health benefits. They could be stress relievers and an optimal accessory to any type of outfit. Maintaining a healthy nail and hair-free smooth skin can define your personality. Therefore, nails and waxing must not be an occasional affair, but a regular act of self-care that offers lasting benefits. Enhance your beauty and spark confidence with flexible membership plans at The Refuge Spa.

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