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How to Prevent Your Nails From Breaking

It is a regular question among the beauty lovers across the globe – “How to prevent the nails from breaking and keep them strong?” You might be using your hands for working regularly, you may bite them or regularly applying various types of nail polishes. You may be worried and fed up with trimming the nails to match the broken sides. All these aspects may have made you annoyed but thankfully few things could help you in protecting the nails from further damage and promote healthy growth.

How to prevent your nails from breaking? 

The issue of breaking nails is not just bothersome, it could also be painful and also pointing towards nutritional deficit or underlying infection. If you are annoyed by nail breakages, few remedies will aid you in getting back the nails strong and healthy.

1. Keep your nails trimmed: Not allowing the nails to grow too long and keeping them trimmed will offer a good remedy if your nails keep breaking. Wearing the nails, a bit shorter could be of great help. Keep them shorter than you usually do. Trim the nails when they are softer like after your bath as nails tend to break easily when they are dry. You may also soak your fingertips in warm water for some time before trimming them.

2. File the edges: If the edges on your nails are rough, then they may prick on clothes leading the nail to breakages. To ensure the nails from holding on the clothes or any other material, keep the nail edges smoother by filing them regularly. Practice a few steps like:

Filing the nails couple of times per week and whenever you see the rough edges.

File the nails in a particular direction. Using to and froth movements can cause harm to weak nails. Perform the task quickly by moving the files in a particular direction.

3. Wear gloves: Nails tend to break or split easily when they are exposed to liquids frequently. You may perform regular tasks like washing the dishes, cleaning household items, mopping the floor, or any other routine activities that need immersing your hands in water or any chemicals. Safeguard your nails by wearing vinyl or latex gloves whenever you perform such activities. It is better to wear gloves while you perform any other task where nails come in the way and may lead to breakage.

4. Use tools: Another major reason that causes nail breakage in some people is their tendency of using the nails instead of specific tools. If you are one such individual, then you may be prone to nail breakage more often. Do not employ the nails to scrape, open, or perform things that are done with tools. Refrain from putting extra stress on nails for such activities. Do not make use of nails to open any parcel that could be done with the help of scissors. If you have to remove something that is caught between your furniture, do not use the nails to remove them. Make use of an appropriate tool to remove it. This can highly protect the nails from being broken.

5. Refrain from nail-biting: Not only will you break the nails but also induce infections into the nail bed and also to the mouth by biting your nails. You could follow certain things to stop this habit:

  • Trimming the nails regularly.
  • Applying bitter nail polish.
  • Using stress buster devices in your hands while you feel like biting your nails.
  • Doing manicure every month or whenever you see the nails shaped irregularly.

6. Moisturise the hands: Lack of moisture may also lead to breaking and splitting of nails. You can use a hand cream consisting of vitamin E after you wash the hands to refill any lost hydration. Carry a hand lotion or moisturizer with you all times even at your workplaces. Many specialized nail oils aid in keeping the nail, cuticles hydrated and healthy consistently.

7. Allow the nails to breathe: Use of nail polish or acrylic nails can reduce the strength of natural nails while allowing more chance for breakage. To keep the nails healthy, allow them to breathe for at least some days in the month by not using any artificial applications. While you keep your nails free, make use of a good moisturizer to the hands and nails to enhance their health and natural look. These practises will aid in bringing back the moisture of the nails that have been lost with the regular use of nail polish.

8. Take care of the diet: In this modern fast-paced life, the majority of people are usually unable to follow a complete diet. Despite all the measures, you need to be careful about following a healthy diet. If you need, you could take an extra dose of multivitamin daily that will give you that right amount of biotin for healthy nails. As Biotin is a water-soluble element, the body will excrete the surplus levels. Hence ensure to consume a sufficient amount of biotin for strong nails.

Bottom line:

Nail health is balanced properly if you follow a routine of a healthy diet, delicate nail care, and following some daily practices. If you are following all the right advice but are still unable to resolve the issue of nail breakage, you may have to consult an experienced dermatologist. If the problem is constantly showing up despite all the measures, there may be an underlying issue that is causing this to happen. A skilled skin specialist will be able to find the solution to this problem and offer the best solution depending on your precise needs. But you need to approach a qualified specialist or skin spa center if you are concerned about your nail health and need to get effective results. The Refuge Spa is your best means for regaining nail health with ideal care and treatment. We possess advanced nail care treatment for optimal nail care and maintain beautiful nails for longer durations.

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