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Beauty and healthSustainable and Innovating Healing through Hot Stones

Sustainable and Innovating Healing through Hot Stones

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

The method of hot stone massages has been used to improve health dating back to ancient India where they called it “Ayurveda”. The holistic medicinal practice of gathering stones from a creek bed and warming them to place along inflamed areas of patients to relieve pain or illness was passed down and eventually made its way into a variety of other cultures. Today, these hot stone massages are performed on clients with chronic illnesses or just need a break to decompress from everyday life. 

Who can benefit?

There are more benefits to a hot stone massage than just relieving stress and muscle tension. 

You should give our hot stone massage a try if: 

– You suffer from stress or anxiety 

– Have chronic insomnia or trouble sleeping 

-Experience chronic pain such as Sciatica 

-Endure symptoms of autoimmune disease such as Fibromyalgia or Multiple Sclerosis

A more sustainable way of healing:

The medicinal properties of a hot stone massage have an innate sense of calm and provide relief by increasing the blood circulation to the inflamed area to treat those achy muscles. Studies have shown that the heat and compression elements of the massage techniques help to prepare you to lull into a deep and fulfilling sleep giving you a better night’s sleep and better days to come.  The pressure from the massage techniques themselves releases endorphins into the brain giving you a much-needed mood boost after a long day, week, or even month. The benefits of stress relief translate far beyond just a single boost in mood or weight off your shoulders. Being as stress-free as possible can heal and boost your immune system which lowers your chances of contracting an illness or infection. 

At Refuge Spa, we prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices, which is why we are proud to utilize Elo Stones as an environmentally conscious option. These rechargeable stones contribute to a greener spa experience and promote energy conservation. Compared to traditional heating pots, using these stones requires significantly less energy for heating, reducing our overall energy consumption. Additionally, the rechargeable nature of these stones means we go through fewer stones, minimizing waste and enhancing our commitment to sustainability. By choosing this method in our treatments, we will continue in our pursuit to create a spa environment that aligns with our values of eco-consciousness and mindful consumption.

Refuge Spa offers a new innovation to Hot Stone therapy

 At Refuge Spa we are excited to announce our revolutionary new approach to healing by hot stones with the “Elo Stone”. The “Elo Stone” was created by Elo Thermotherapy, the rechargeable “Elo Stone” is labeled “the most advanced thermal treatment system” product of its kind. The fully rechargeable “stone” has a variety of temperatures for your liking and natural hygiene that’s out of this world. The supercharged heating element will keep your massage therapist on time and leave you extremely satisfied with your spa service. Since Refuge Spa is green spa certified, we are proud that this new hot stone massage technique is also renewable and sustainable.

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